A photo from our 125th Anniversary Celebration, held in 2013.

2023 marks our 135th year of ministry!

We have proudly been a part of the Bay View community since our founding as Bay View Methodist Episcopal Church in 1888, which is also when our Sanctuary (which makes up the west end of our current building, which still stands largely unaltered). 

The church underwent an addition in the mid-1980’s, when bathrooms, a kitchen, and a Fellowship Hall were added to the building, along with the new main entrance on the building’s north side.

In 2017 and 2018, we worked with the Skagit Conservation District to build a demonstration rain garden and terraced hillside garden on the east side of the church property.  Not only is this project beautiful, but it also provides a series of living walls, filled with the ground cover Kinnikkinnick, which prevent erosion, and slow and filter uphill stormwater. Ultimately, these installations allow the filtered water to soak into the native soil before it reaches Padilla Bay.

Here are a few news articles about our church and the role we play in the Bay View community :